Vladimir Putin

“Putin is dead” – what happened and what is Putin’s double

Putin is dead” and “Putin’s double” jumped up in search trends on May 29, 2022.

People are wondering if Russian President Vladimir Putin really died and if the Kremlin is using a double instead.

The reason for the surge in such requests was an article in the British edition of the Daily Mirror that Putin allegedly had cancer.

At the same time, the Daily Mirror refers to a certain officer of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

According to the officer, Putin, 69, is suffering from a severe form of rapidly progressing cancer and has no more than two to three years to live.

Putin allegedly loses his sight and suffers from headaches and tremors in his limbs.

At the same time, Ukrainian psychic Anna Efremova’s 2019 video about whether Putin is dead or alive has grown in popularity.

In the video, Efremova gives her analytics regarding Vladimir Putin and also comments on the topic of his possible doubles.

“Is the president of Russia alive, what are his plans and thoughts. Does he have doubles, how long will he be in power, ”the psychic comments on these questions.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin. Photo Source: kremlin.ru

The query “is Putin dead or not” jumped up in search trends in April 2021.

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