Konstantin Olmezov

Who is Konstantin Olmezov and how did he die

Konstantin Olmezov is a mathematician from Donetsk, Ukraine.

He has a Facebook page.


Konstantin Olmezov was born in Donetsk.

Studied at Donetsk National Technical University.

Moved to Russia in 2018.

In 2020, he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, where he studied combinatorial analysis.

The place of residence indicated Dolgoprudny, Moscow region, Russia.

On March 15, 2022, he created the Konstantin and Bukovki telegram channel.

Konstantin Olmezov
Konstantin Olmezov. Photo Source: facebook.com/fractalonkolm

How Konstantin Olmezov died

On March 20, 2022, Moscow lawyer Dmitry Zakhvatov reported that Konstantin Olmezov had committed suicide.

“In the morning he committed suicide, leaving a suicide note,” Zakhvatov wrote on his Telegram channel.

“Yesterday I was talking to a good guy, a mathematician from Ukraine, whose name was Konstantin Olmezov. He left Donetsk because of the “Ihtamnets” war. Entered the graduate school of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Wrote a thesis,” said the lawyer.

According to him, after the start of Putin’s armed aggression against Ukraine, Olmezov tried to leave Russia, but could not.

“He was detained and an administrative protocol was fabricated against him. As a result, he received 15 days,” the lawyer writes.

Upon leaving the detention center, Olmezov received an invitation to one of the universities in Austria to continue his studies there.

“The problem was to somehow leave the country. He bought a ticket to Turkey. We agreed that escorting him to the airport was pointless. That he will try to go through border control on his own, and if problems arise, I will come. We agreed to keep in touch. And just now I received news that in the morning he committed suicide, leaving a suicide note that he is dying because he cannot bear the horror of what is happening. Talented and promising mathematician. Olmezov Konstantin. Damn you – those who started this war and those who are waging it. You will not get away from the answer, ”wrote Dmitry Zakhvatov.

Konstantin Olmezov published a suicide note in his telegram channel.

“I am kind of ashamed in front of my Ukrainian friends. Believe me, I never wished or did anything bad to Ukraine, and I always kept in mind my readiness to leave if what started now suddenly starts. Unfortunately, I just didn’t succeed, I simply didn’t approach this matter skillfully enough … The FSB officers who detained me spoke to me as a traitor, but on the morning of February 24, I myself felt betrayed. Yes, no matter how ridiculous it may be, even having long recognized rationally and aloud that war is possible, emotionally it came as a surprise to me to an unexpected degree. I had naive confidence that legal delicacy in dealing with Ukrainians implies the possibility of breaking out at some critical moment. I stuck my head too deep into the tiger’s throat. This is the second big mistake, I have something to pay for, ”said the mathematician.

“I am hurt by every shell that falls on the streets of Kyiv. Reading the reports, I imagine the views of these streets and districts. From the first day until now, I have been with you wholeheartedly, although it is clear that I did not save anyone … I am an absolute atheist. I don’t believe in hell, I’m going nowhere. But this is nowhere dearer to me than reality, where part of the people fell back into savagery, and the other part indulges this – even throwing up their hands in choral insanity, even “evacuating” away from the front line. I don’t want to be with either one or the other,” he added.

Finally, he published the following verses:

Do Russians want “no war” posters?

Ask the riot policeman in armor about it,

Ask the subway divers about it

Ask the one who clung to the throne about it.

Do Russians want broken cities?

Ask the crowded trains about it.

Do the Russians want destroyed hospitals?

Ask the dried-up eye sockets of babies.

Do the Russians want to change anything?

Ask the rest of the media about it.

Do Russians want to eradicate Nazism?

Ask students with the letter “tsyts” about it.

This terrible year will be your calling card,

Truly an unshakable people,

Ready even to bathe in blood, even in shit,

But if only there were no posters “no war”.

On February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an open full-scale war against Ukraine.

The Russian occupation troops began to bomb Ukrainian cities and kill people.

The armed forces of Ukraine in response destroyed the Russian occupiers.

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