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Who is Brent Renaud and how did he die in Ukraine

Brent Renaud is an American film director and winner of the Peabody and DuPont Awards.

He has a Twitter.

The Renaud’s lead a Peabody Award-winning team producing for HBO, NBC, Discovery, PBS, the NYTimes, and ViceNews. Founders of Little Rock Rock Film Festival,” the profile says.


Brent Renaud is a Peabody and DuPont Award-winning filmmaker and has spent the past two decades producing films and television programs with his brother Craig, according to IMDB.

The Renaud Brothers are best known for telling humanistic stories from the World’s hot spots and their projects have covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the earthquake in Haiti, political turmoil in Egypt and Libya, the fight for Mosul, extremism in Africa, cartel violence in Mexico, and the youth refugee crisis in Central America.

Their work has won many of the top awards in television and journalism, including a Peabody Award, two Columbia DuPont Awards, two Overseas Press Club Awards, an Edward R. Murrow Award, an IDA Award, a DGA nomination for Best Directors, and multiple Emmy nominations.

Their films have also received critical acclaim in Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Forbes, USA Today, the New York Times, Filmmaker Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and American Cinematographer.

Craig and his brother Brent also founded the Little Rock Film Festival and the Arkansas Motion Picture Institute.

Brent Renaud
Brent Renaud. Photo source:

How Brent Renault died

On March 13, 2022, Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko announced that Brent Renaud died in Ukraine – in Irpen, Kyiv region.

According to Gerashchenko, the cause of death was shelling by the Russian occupiers.

“The invaders cynically kill even international media journalists who are trying to show the truth about the atrocities of Russian troops in Ukraine. Today, a 51-year-old correspondent of the world-famous New York Times media was shot in Irpin,” Gerashchenko wrote in his Telegram channel.

According to Gerashchenko, another journalist was wounded. They are trying to get him out of the war zone.

Later, Gerashchenko showed a video with him.

“Of course, the profession of a journalist involves risk, however, US citizen Brent Renaud paid with his life for trying to highlight the treachery, cruelty, and ruthlessness of the aggressor,” Gerashchenko wrote.

At the same time, he showed Brent Renaud’s ID, which indicated the publication of The New York Times.

Brent Renaud ID
Brent Renaud ID. Photo source:

In turn, the head of the Kyiv region police Andrey Nebitov showed a video with policeman Alexander Bugay from the scene of the execution of international journalists in Irpin.

In addition to the deceased 51-year-old Brent, two more correspondents were injured.

“Now the wounded have already been rescued from the scene and taken to the capital’s hospital. The state of health of journalists is still unknown,” Nebitov said.

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