Ri Djavi Alexandra

Who is Ri Djavi Alexandra and how she died

Ri Djavi Alexandra is a Russian-born Indian actress who starred in the 2019 film Kanchana 3.

She has a page on Instagram (28.4 thousand subscribers).

Ri Djavi Alexandra
Ri Djavi Alexandra. Photo source: facebook.com/Ri.Djavi.Alexandra/

“Artist. Watch the NEW “Relaxxx” YOUTUBE video. Rapper actress model. Guided by the power. Succeeding with a smile. Living in peace, ”Ri Djavi Alexandra wrote in her profile.

Ri Djavi Alexandra starred in the video Andy Rude feat Ally Ri – Relaxxx, which was published on YouTube in May 2021.

On August 22, 2021, The Indian Express reported that Ri Djavi Alexandra had died.

“On Thursday night, 24-year-old Alexandra Ri-Jawi was found hanged in a rented apartment in Oxel in Siolim, North Goa,” the newspaper notes.

Ri Djavi Alexandra was a model.

In 2019, Ri Djavi Alexandra complained about a Chennai-based photographer, accusing him of blackmail and sexual harassment.

Police are investigating the circumstances of the death of Ri Djavi Alexandra, having previously stated that the harassment scandal is not related to the death of the actress.

The police did not find a suicide note in Ri Djavi Alexandra’s apartment.

In turn, Indiaglitz writes that locals in the North Goan village where Ri Djavi Alexandra was staying have stated to the police that her boyfriend had walked out on her a few days back and she was in depression.

“We all get changes, Some of the people know how to use changes for a better life, others just thinking in past and can’t see future,” wrote Ri Djavi Alexandra in a post-dated July 31, 2021.

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