Sergii Batryn

Who is Sergii Batryn and why did he blow up grenades in the village council?

Sergii Mikhailovych Batryn is a deputy of the Keretskiy village council in the Khust district of the Transcarpathian region.

He has a Facebook page.


Sergii Batryn was born on August 12, 1969.

Received secondary specialized education.

Lives in the village of Kushnitsa, Transcarpathian region.

He became a deputy of the first convocation of the Keretskiy village council from the Servant of the People party of Vladimir Zelensky.

Member of the village council commission on law and order.

Former employee of the office of the President of Ukraine Alexey Arestovich wrote that Sergii Batryn allegedly served in one of the brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“According to information that requires clarification, he served in a brigade, received a disability, sought social assistance, including for himself,” Arestovich wrote in his telegram channel.

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Why Sergii Batryn blew up grenades in the village council

On the morning of December 15, 2023, in the building of the Keretskiy village council, Sergei Batrin exploded three F1 grenades.

“In the Keretskiv community, during a session, a local deputy threw live grenades into the session hall,” wrote the head of the Transcarpathian regional military administration, Viktor Mykyta, on Facebook.

As a result of the explosion, 26 deputies and village council workers were injured.

Everyone was hospitalized.

Criminal proceedings have been initiated and the circumstances of the crime are being clarified.

“An urgent meeting of the Regional Defense Council has been convened to make urgent operational decisions,” Mykyta noted.

On his Facebook page, Sergii Batryn criticized the actions of his colleagues in power.

Batrin himself ended up in intensive care after a grenade explosion.

Investigators classified the incident under Part 1 of Art. 263 (illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

In addition, the Security Service of Ukraine provides information and investigates the event under Part 1 of Art. 258 (terrorist act) of the Criminal Code, which is under the jurisdiction of the SBU.

“As a result of the incident, 26 people were injured, 6 of whom are in serious condition. Doctors are carrying out resuscitation measures on the man who blew up the grenades,” the police wrote.

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