Olaiya Igwe

“olaiya igwe died” – what happened

The query “olaiya igwe died” jumped in Google’s search trends on August 2, 2021.

People are looking to see if Nigeria’s popular actor Ebun Oloyede, better known as Olaiya Igwe, has died.

Olaiya Igwe
Olaiya Igwe. Photo source: instagram.com/Olaiyafilmscompany/

Rumors circulated on social media that Olaiya Igwe allegedly died at the Federal Government Hospital in Ibadan due to kidney failure.

Olaiya Igwe has an Instagram page (65.7 thousand subscribers).

A fresh post was published there on August 2, 2021.

In stories on Olaiya Igwe’s Instagram page on August 2, a post appeared that the rumors of his death were not true.

In addition, Olaiya Igwe has a Facebook page.

Olaiya Igwe’s daughter, who hosts TikTok, posted a comic video on August 2, 2021, where she ridiculed the rumors of Olaiya Igwe’s death.

The BBC in Nigeria also checked information about the alleged death of Olaiya Igwe and learned that the actor was alive.

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