Christian Eriksen

Why Christian Eriksen lost consciousness: what happened and what news

Christian Eriksen is a Danish footballer, Inter Milan player and Denmark’s national defender.

He has an Instagram page (2.3 million subscribers).

Christian Eriksen
Christian Eriksen. Photo source:

On June 12, 2021, Christian Eriksen suddenly fainted while playing for the European Football Championship 2020 with the Finnish national team in Copenhagen.

As reported by UEFA on Twitter, Eriksen was hospitalized, the match was suspended.

According to Sky News, the medical staff gave the football player a heart massage, and several times he was electrocuted in the chest.

The process lasted about 10 minutes on the field, then the player was carried away from the field on a stretcher.

At the hospital, Eriksen’s condition stabilized.

The reason for the loss of consciousness by Christinan Eriksen is called a heart attack.

Christian Eriksen is 29 years old.

As for the match with Finland, it was decided to finish it on June 12.

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