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Girl scared to death a guy after a night of love

Girl scared a guy after one “bizarre” night of love.

The story was told on Reddit by a follower with the nickname 420_69_CauseYouGotta.

The incident happened 5 years ago.

“I had been seeing this girl for a couple of weeks, pretty casual but she was really fun and funny, if not a bit intense”, the guy wrote.

After a few weeks, the girl started referring to the guy as her boyfriend and talking about meeting her parents.

“I’m not feeling it but being a douche-y 21 year old I go with it cause she is having sex with me!!!”, he admitted.

But one day the situation became even more dramatic.

“She pulls me into a room off of her bedroom. Laid out on the floor are dozens if not hundreds of pictures of her. And I’m not talking about sexy pictures (which would still be weird) but regular pictures of her” 420_69_CauseYouGotta wrote.

“Pictures with her family, her friends from high school, definitely at least one Christmas card with her whole-ass family on it. She then proceeds to ask me to have sex with her right there. Shit was creepy so I left real fast after I finished”, he added.

After that, the guy shared the “bizarre” story with his friends, and they were pretty sure she was cursing the man or stealing his soul

As a result, 420_69_CauseYouGotta cut it off with the girl.

“She proceeded to come by my work daily, for hours and stare at me. That went on for a couple of months before we banned her. After that, she would send me messages on Facebook about how we were meant to be together and how much she loved me. I’d get a message every couple of months before I eventually blocked her. Haven’t seen or heard from her in years thank god”, he summarized.

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Изображение Olexy @Ohurtsov с сайта Pixabay

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