Alexander Permyakov

Who is Alexander Permyakov and did Prilepin really blow up

Alexander Permyakov is suspected of blowing up a car with Russian leader Zakhar Prilepin.

He has a Facebook page.


Alexander Permyakov, according to him, was born in 1993 in the city of Druzhkovka, Donetsk region, Ukraine.

According to Russian media, Alexander Permyakov is on trial for robbery in Ukraine, committed by a group of people by prior agreement.

In 2015, Alexander Permyakov with a bayonet was detained by Russian law enforcement agencies while trying to cross the Ukrainian-Russian border on foot.

Alexander Permyakov
Alexander Permyakov. Photo Source: ск рф

Is it true that Alexander Permyakov tried to kill Zakhar Prilepin

On May 6, 2023, law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation published a video of the interrogation of Alexander Permyakov, where he allegedly confesses that he allegedly caused the explosion of the car in which the Russian leader Zakhar Prilepin was driving in the Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia.

At the same time, Prilepin survived.

The driver of the car died.

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