Georgy Gagloev

Who is Georgy Gagloev and is it really killed

Georgy Gagloev is an MMA fighter from North Ossetia, Russia.

He has a Facebook page.


Georgy Gagloev was born in 1998 in Beslan, North Ossetia, Russia.

Having taken up mixed martial arts and wrestling, he took part in tournaments of such promotions as Our Business, Hype Fighting, and ARENA.

He has 1 win and 3 losses.

“Everyone says the sky is the limit. And you fly higher, where you wanted to go!) ”- Georgy Gagloev wrote on Facebook on April 25, 2021.

Georgy Gagloev
Georgy Gagloev. Photo Source:

Is Georgy Gagloev really killed?

On January 15, 2023, the Russian Telegram channel Baza reported that Georgy Gagloev had been found dead on the Moscow-Vladikavkaz train.

According to preliminary data, he was killed.

“Perhaps his murder is due to the fact that Georgy continued to actively search for his aunt, Rimma Gagloeva, a fortune-teller known in the North Caucasus, who disappeared in Chechnya. Relatives believe that she was killed, ”the newspaper writes.

According to preliminary data, the MMA fighter was strangled with a pillow in the car.

Gagloev’s body was discovered during a train stop in Rostov-on-Don.

In 2022, Aunt Gagloeva disappeared with an assistant in Chechnya, and before the disappearance of her car, someone was chasing her.

57-year-old aunt Gagloeva flew on February 6, 2022, from the UAE to Grozny airport.

Together with an assistant, she got into a Toyota and went home to North Ossetia through Ingushetia.

Later, the investigators found out that back in Chechnya, Gagloeva’s car was pursued by a silver Priora with local numbers.

It was not possible to track the full route through the cameras – at some point, Gagloeva’s Toyota disappeared from sight.

However, after some time, the car was caught on cameras already in Ingushetia, at a gas station near the city of Sunzha.

There, the Toyota of Gagloeva stopped, and an unknown man got out of it and moved to the same Priora, after which he went towards Chechnya.

Apparently, the Toyota was especially driven to a gas station, where it was found the same day.

Upon inspection, several mobile phones, passports, and 3 thousand dollars were found in the car, as well as bank cards with large sums on them.

The police tried to contact the owner of the Priora, but his phone turned out to be fake.

The disappearance of Gagloeva caused a great resonance in the Caucasus.

Rimma Glagoleva was engaged in removing the evil eye and damage, among her clients were rich people, high-ranking officials, and businessmen (in the UAE, by the way, she also flew on order).

“Perhaps the disappearance of the woman is connected with her “work” – after all, judging by the inspection of the car, the kidnappers were not interested in money,” Baza writes.

At the same time, the Russian Telegram channel 112 reported that the death of Georgy Gagloev on the train, previously, was not of a criminal nature.

“Yesterday morning, the duty officer at the Liski station turned to the police and said that there was a man without signs of life in the train car from Moscow to Nalchik. The deceased was 25-year-old MMA fighter Georgy Gagloev. Arriving at the scene, doctors found that the preliminary cause of death was a pulmonary embolism. Now the relatives of the athlete have arrived in Rostov-on-Don, ”the publication reports.

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