Valery Meladze

“Valery Meladze glory to Ukraine” – what happened

The query “Valery Meladze glory to Ukraine” jumped in search trends on January 2, 2023.

People are looking for what happened to the singer Valery Meladze and whether he really answered the phrase “Glory to Ukraine!” “Glory to the heroes!”.

These requests come from Russia.

The reason for this is the video that went viral on the network on January 2, 2023.

It is believed to have been taken at a party in Dubai.

There, Valery Meladze responds in a whisper to the phrase “Glory to Ukraine!”: “Glory to the heroes!”.

He has previously criticized Russia’s large-scale military attack on Ukraine.

Now a number of Russian politicians demand to punish Valery Meladze: to deprive him, in particular, of awards, and titles, to fine him.

Valery Meladze maintains a page on Instagram, as well as a telegram channel.

Valery Meladze
Valery Meladze. Photo Source:

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