hacker Joker DPR

Who is the hacker Joker DPR and is it really dead

The DPR Joker is supposedly a hacker, a blogger.

He has a telegram channel.

“Joker DNR” is a nickname.

He claims to be a hacker.

The other day, pro-Kremlin media published his comments, where the “DPR Joker” claims that he had switched from Ukraine to the Kremlin’s service and leaked some data to the Russian authorities.

The “Joker DPR” also claims to have allegedly hacked into the Ukrainian electronic system, which helps in fighting against the Russian occupiers and allegedly infected Ukrainian computers with some kind of virus program.

On November 2, 2022, the query “hacker joker died” jumped in search trends.

People are looking for whether the “Joker of the DPR” really died.

Such requests come from Russia.

At the same time, on November 2, 2022, a post appeared on the Joker DPR telegram channel with a link to the satirical publication Panorama, which invents “news”. In particular, the “Joker DPR” published a link to “news” from “Panorama” about itself.

hacker Joker DPR
hacker Joker DPR. Photo Source: t.me/JokerDPR

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