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“Prigozhin died” – what happened

The queries “prigozhin died” and “prigozhin died” jumped in search trends on August 15, 2022.

People are looking for whether the so-called “Putin’s cook” Yevgeny Prigozhin really died in Popasna, Luhansk region, Ukraine.

These requests come from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

On August 14, 2022, Russian propagandist Yuriy Kotenok reported on his Telegram channel that the Armed Forces of Ukraine, allegedly from HIMARS, attacked one of the Wagner PMC locations in the city of Popasna, Luhansk region of Ukraine.

At the same time, Kitten did not confirm that Prigozhin died there.

The telegram channel “Reverse side of the medal”, which is associated with the Wagner PMC, was the first to report the attack on the Wagner PMC base in Popasna.

The resource published photos that were allegedly taken after the strike on Popasna.

The Russian propaganda resource “Russian Spring” published the same footage, as well as video from the scene, on its telegram channel “Operation Z: Russian Spring Military Commissars”.

“Russian Spring” reported “several wounded and, it seems, one dead.”

Radio Liberty reports that photographs of the consequences of the strike made it possible to establish the location of the Wagner PMC headquarters – 12 Mironovskaya Street.

The same address was previously noticed in photographs published on August 8 in the telegram channel of military correspondent Sergei Sreda, who said that he “dropped in” at the headquarters of the Wagnerites when Yevgeny Prigozhin was supposedly there (later the military commander deleted the post, copies remained on the network).

Sergei Sreda, writes Radio Liberty, assured that he disclosed the address of the headquarters with the consent of the Wagner PMC fighters themselves.

This is indeed Mironovskaya, 12.

The sign with this address was in a photo posted Wednesday, August 8th.

The Meduza resource, having studied the photo from Sreda’s channel and the video after the explosion has established that the video shows the same house as in Sreda’s message, only from the other side.

The house can be confidently identified by the garages.

Judging by the damage to the house, the strike came from Ukrainian-controlled territory near Seversk (about 30 kilometers from Popasna).

Yevgeny Prigozhin
Yevgeny Prigozhin. Photo Source:

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