Maxim Slobodyan

Who is Maxim Slobodyan and is he really dead

Maxim Slobodyan (Maxim Ignite) is an athlete, extreme skydiver, and trainer from Ukraine.

He has a page on Instagram, where 188 thousand subscribers.

“Achieve a mission: share the sky with 7,753,000,000 souls and set your life on fire forever. We can all touch the sky. TI/AFF/COACH/PRO, BASE, Wingsuit 8100 jumps,” Maxim Slobodyan wrote in his profile.


Maxim Slobodyan was born in Ukraine.

In 2013, as a skydiving instructor, he took part in the TV show on the ICTV channel “Soaked”.

And he became the winner.

Has made more than 8100 parachute jumps.

Maxim Slobodyan has a TikTok with 262k followers.

He also has a YouTube channel and a Facebook page.

Maxim Slobodyan supported Ukraine, which was launched on February 24, 2022, by an open military large-scale attack by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Maxim Slobodyan
Maxim Slobodyan. Photo Source:

Is Maxim Slobodyan really dead and how did it happen

On July 17, 2022, Maxim Slobodyan’s friend and partner Jay Alvarrez announced that Maxim Slobodyan had died.

“It’s not easy to report this, but we have lost our Ukrainian brother Maksim,” Jay wrote on Instagram.

According to him, the incident occurred on July 16, when Maxim Slobodyan was flying in a wingsuit (BASE) on an intensive route in the mountains of Switzerland.

“There is so much to say in this whole situation from the point of view of a skydiver/base jumper, best friend, and family. At the moment, I can only speak subjectively: I hate the phrase “he died doing what he loved.” It doesn’t embody him enough. If you knew Max, you would know that this boy was completely filled with this life and existence. His patience, unconditional love, humor, talent, and curiosity are all you need in life. I have never heard him swear at another person or have any negative attitude towards any creature or object. This man has always supported me and all the guys, no matter what,” wrote Jay.

He also added text in Ukrainian, where he wrote in the feminine.

“I am so grateful to you and the days we spent together. Love you forever Maxim, until our next life,” wrote Jay.

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