Savannah Daisley

Who is Savannah Daisley and what is the scandal

Savannah Daisley is the founder of Smart Cleanse from Australia, which specializes in healthy eating.

She has a website.


Savannah Daisley is 45 years old.

She is the daughter of the famous horse breeder Ross Daisley.

Savannah Daisley founded Smart Cleanse in 2014.

Smart Cleanse is a popular weight loss program in Australia that promises to remove toxins from the body in 14 days.

Daisley has done well and resides in a $10 million mansion.

Her fortune is estimated at $20 million.

Savannah Daisley
Savannah Daisley. Photo Source:

How Savannah Daisley got into a scandal

In June 2022, Savannah Daisley was arrested on charges of molesting a 14-year-old boy, reports the Daily Mail.

The incident allegedly took place on May 20, 2021.

It became known about him because of the recording of a telephone conversation, where Daisley, being drunk, allegedly admits to kissing a teenager.

Savannah Daisley has been charged with four counts of aggravated sexual intercourse.

The court refused to release her on bail.

The next court hearing in the Savannah Daisley case is scheduled for August 2022.

After the scandal, Savannah Daisley deleted her Instagram page, as well as all her other pages on social networks.

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