Alexander Matovnikov

“general alexander matovnikov video” – what kind of leaked and where to watch

The query “general alexander matovnikov video” jumped in search trends on February 28, 2023.

People are looking for what kind of video was leaked to the network with Russian Lieutenant General Alexander Matovnikov.

Since January 22, 2020, he has been the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Ground Forces.

The video, where allegedly Alexander Matovnikov is dancing a striptease, was published on February 27, 2023, by the telegram channel “VChK-OGPU”.

The biography of Matovnikov indicates that he divorced his first wife Olga. They have a daughter.

In 2005 he married Svetlana.

They have two children: a daughter Alexandra and a son Alexei.

Now Alexander Matovnikov is 57 years old.

Alexander Matovnikov
Alexander Matovnikov. Photo Source:

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