Alesya Lazareva

Who is Alesya Lazareva and how did she die

Alesya Anatolyevna Lazareva is a ballerina from Tolyatti, Russia.

She has an Instagram page (6,233 followers).

“Dancer. Ambassador @rclass_pointes. Gold medal at ”Arabesque-2022”; Gold medal at IBC Spoleto; Gold medal at TIBC; Diploma Moscow IBC Xlll; Gold medal at RCB Moscow; Gold medal at the RCB “Young talents of Russia”, – written in the profile of Alesya Lazareva.


Alesya Lazareva was born in Togliatti on August 16, 2001.

Her father is Anatoly Lazarev.

From 2008 to 2015 she studied at school number 94 in Tolyatti.

Then she moved to Moscow.

There she was accepted into the 4th grade of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography.

She began to work in the troupe of the State Academic Theater “Classical Ballet” N. Kasatkina and V. Vasilyov.

Won the All-Russian children’s competition “Blue Bird”.

And in May 2022 – in Perm at the Arabesque-2022 ballet competition.

Alesya Lazareva
Alesya Lazareva. Photo Source:

How Alesya Lazareva died

On May 29, 2022, a message appeared on Alesya Lazareva’s Instagram page that Alesya Lazareva had died.

“08/16/2001 – 05/29/2022 Today Alesya Anatolyevna Lazareva passed away. Alesya was a talented, recognized ballerina, a person whose art amazed with its grace, precision in performance, and incredible artistry,” the message says.

“Alesya was 20 years old, young, beautiful, full of life, love, and just an angel who is no longer with us. Her death was sudden and it is still impossible to believe that it really happened,” the post notes.

“She was strong and bright, her performances amazed everyone who was a spectator at her performances. She knew how to listen and understand those around her, and was a true friend and example. She achieved all her goals, was incredibly hardworking, and loved life. There are no words to describe how incredible, the special person she was. This is an irreparable loss for family, relatives, friends, colleagues, and fans. She will forever remain with us in our hearts. Alesya is love itself, which is no longer with us. We will inform you about the place and time of farewell to Alesya in Moscow and Togliatti later,” the message says.

In the comments, they write that the cause of the death of Alesya Lazareva is the separation of a blood clot.

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