Taras Koval

Who is Taras Koval and how he die

Taras Koval is a Ukrainian paratrooper, fighter of the 95th Airmobile Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

He has a Facebook page.


Taras Koval was born on August 17, 1987, in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Participated in the anti-terrorist operation in the Donbas, in particular in the battles for the Donetsk International Airport.

All the defenders of the Donetsk airport eventually received the nickname “cyborgs”.

Taras Koval’s call sign is “Walter”.

Taras Koval
Taras Koval. Photo source: facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009072496839

How Taras Koval died

On March 31, 2022, the founder of the Come Back Alive charity foundation, Vitaliy Deinega, announced that Taras Koval had died.

“Several of my good friends have already died in this war. But Taras Koval was special. He was one of the heroes of the legendary calendar with Cyborgs, filmed for us by Roman Nikolayev,” volunteer Vitaly Deinega wrote on Facebook.

“Walter was a bold and huge nerd at gunpoint. He was always ready to give a lecture, even if it was not asked for,” the volunteer noted.

According to him, Taras Koval was an honest, clean, decent, simple, and good guy.

“Paratrooper. In 2014, I passed almost everything, including the Donetsk airport. He remained so with calm phlegm. Loved and was grateful for Come Back Alive. He didn’t know how to lie, because everything was written on his honest little childish face, ”Deinega wrote.

According to him, Taras Koval died on March 30, 2022, near Kyiv.

“Protecting you and me. I don’t want you to feel pity or sorrow for him. He wouldn’t like it. Feel the rage. Let it penetrate every cell. And whatever you do now, do it better and more. Even if you just go to work. Do it best. Pay taxes. Help the army. Get ready to defend your city or village. Let rage burn fear, weakness, indecision, despondency in you. So that your hand does not know hesitation when its time comes, ”Deynega wrote.

On February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale open war against Ukraine: Russian invaders invaded Ukrainian territories, except for Donbas and Crimea, began shelling Ukrainian cities and killing people.

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