“Candice died today” – what does this meme mean

The meme “Candice died today” gained popularity in social networks.

This meme became popular thanks to the TikTok blogger @phogangmike (18.7 thousand subscribers).


In April 2021, @phogangmike began to write in the comments to the streams “I can’t believe Candice died man”.

At the same time, he recorded on video the reaction of bloggers who were streaming, noticed this comment, read it out loud, and then said: “Who is Candice?”

“Fell right into my trap. candicedickfitinyomouth”, – signed the first such video @phogangmike.

After that, he published several such videos: one, two.

On May 5, 2021, @phogangmike posted a video on TikTok where he wrote the comment “Candice died today” during the stream of @jillzfoodz_, a blogger on TikTok (43.1 thousand subscribers).

@jillzfoodz_ in this video asks “Who is Candice?”

A girl standing next to her tells her: “No!”

@jillzfoodz_ asks “What?”

But it’s getting late, she fell into the trap of @phogangmike.

Sad music sounds.

During the day, this video gained 6.8 million views on TikTok.

And it became a meme.

This video is now being published on YouTube channels, and in the comments, people are asking: “Who is Candice?”

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